The Jennifer Licko Band

Award winning Celtic musicians from Ireland, New York, North Carolina and England; create a remarkable presence with their tunes, orginal songs and traditional music.

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A Celtic fire helps warm the sweet Christmas spirit: by Brad Rich
... The four-piece band, buoyed by newcomer and international "riverdance" star Patrick Mangan on fiddle, played for nearly two hours, and , as always, Licko and her mates were full of low key wit and humor, grace, and, great tunes.
... As usual, Licko's clear voice shone through in the well-produced and finely paced show. But Licko, also as usual, gave her band members - Mangan, longtime, masterful but decidedly un-flashy keyboardist Bob Noble and Irish guitar wiz Patsy O'Brien- lots of room to shine, and shine they did.
... For those unfamiliar with Celtic music, it was obvious from where much of America's folk and bluegrass were birthed.
...if she wanted to do it, globetrotting Jenny from Swansboro, now living in Brazil after stints, in Scotland and Minnesota, could surely be an American country star.

September 2014 - Irish Edition
A powerful title, conjuring up many images - the music is the same, creating many pictures in textured instrumental work and sweeping vocals. at times, she has a haunting vibrato in her voice, at times she attacks songs wtih deep feeling, but she always attracts as she sings.

I love the song selection. She's chosen compositions by Ralph McTell ("Clare to Here'). John Spillane ("The Moon Going HOme"), Jimmy MacCarthy ("The Song of hte Singing Horseman") and Stephen Foster ("Hard Times") among others and also includes two traditional Scottish pieces sung in Gaelic as well as a song she co-wrote with producer Bob Noble.

November 15, 2015 -
Jennifer Licko is an artist and performer from North Carolina. Her music embody the perfect compromise between new world and old world folk, blending in elements as diverse as Americana, bluegrass, country and Celtic.

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