The award-winning music of Jennifer Licko is influenced by stories, melodies, and instruments from the Carolinas and the ancient Scots who settled the cape fear region. As a vocalist, her message through song is delivered through both traditional Celtic music and original compositions that help deliver the story of who we are today because of our deep-rooted Celtic heritage.

Spending her youth as a competitive Scottish Highland Dancer encouraged her interest and love for the Scottish traditions. Jennifer is an exceptional vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, guitar, and bodhrán (Irish drum). After living almost a decade in Scotland and Ireland, Jennifer realized the strong similarities between Scotland and North Carolina...and her music began to branch out into a genre that honors those connections.

“I believe that the music needs to connect with the audience through our shared emotions and experiences for us all to feel that which can only be experienced through music.”

Jennifer works as a performer, educator, and advocate for cultural inclusion in education. She is the producer of the Highland Echoes show, which helps support the mission of cultivating awareness and preservation of Scottish culture.  From an educational side, Jennifer is the owner of The Cultural Classroom  a curriculum content website providing resources and support for teachers, parents, and students on diversity.



"Licko certainly has a voice made for the concert hall..."Boston Irish Reporter

"From Swansboro, North Carolina, super-soprano and mega multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Licko could very well be the heir-apparent to Canada’s Loreena McKennitt and Clannad’s Maire Brennan." Celtic Life Magazine

Concert Reviews

"...For those unfamiliar with Celtic music, it was obvious from where much of America's folk and bluegrass were birthed." Brad Rich, Tideland News

Album Reviews

"The CD delivers a folk vibe while staying true to her beloved musical influences from living in both Scotland and Ireland where she experienced music that felt close to her heart and home." Irish American News

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