Celtic Journey Episodes with Jennifer Licko

From Scots Gaelic to best places to visit in Ireland, Jennifer's Celtic Journey Videos provide education, awareness and fun in her Celtic Lifestyle as an American living in Brazil.

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Celtic Journey Episodes

Interview with Patrick Mangan

from Riverdance

Touring with Riverdance for over 12 years, this champion fiddle player is full of fun stories and loads of experience performing Celtic Music.

Scottish Highland Dance

Part one of my series '5 Reasons to get excited about Scottish Culture' is all about Scottish Highland Dancing. This is how it all began for me...

Part I

Scots Gaelic Awareness

Scottish Culture

3 easy ways to incorporate Scots Gaelic into your life even if you are a non-speaker!

Interview with Sandra Gribbin

Highland Dance Fitness Trainer

If you don't know Sandy yet, you need to watch this interview! She is not only a fabulous Highland Dance Fitness trainer, but also a lead dancer in the show Highland Echoes!

Watch the Episode


12 places you don’t want to miss when you visit Ireland!


Go behind the music with Scots Gaelic Song: Fear a'bhata

The Episodes List


All About Our Favorite Poet, Robert Burns!


In the Recording Studio


3 Irish Songs you probably won’t hear on St. Patrick’s Day


Irish Dance Tradition in Brazil


The Mystery of Maggie Wall


5 Reasons to get excited about Scottish Culture: Part II


Interview with All Ireland fiddle champion Dylan Foley

The Celtic Christmas Videos

Christmas Tradition part 1

Christmas Tradition: The Candle In The Window

Christmas Tradition part 2

Christmas Tradition: The Holly Wreath

Christmas Tradition part 3

Scottish New Year's Tradition: Hogmanay

Christmas Tradition Part 4

Irish Christmas Tradition: Woman's Christmas

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